Exclusive: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at ABS-CBN’s Noontime Hit Show Showtime!

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024, I, alongside Mike Ilagan, StarCentral Magazine’s Managing Director, was honored to be invited to ABS-CBN’s renowned noontime show, ‘It’s Showtime.’ Our delightful hosts for the day were none other than Mr. Raymund Romero, ABS-CBN Global Regional Marketing Head for Asia Pacific, and Ms. Yeddah Joy Maballo, Marketing Manager at ABS-CBN Global Ltd.

Our adventure into the heart of ABS-CBN’s entertainment realm commenced at the Audience Entrance on Eugenio Lopez Drive, where the amiable Yedda greeted us. Despite the presence of Miss Laguna 2024 contestants, the stringent security measures at the gate underscored the importance of the production. Interestingly, even the contestants’ charm and beauty couldn’t sway the vigilant security personnel.

After passing through the rigorous security checks, we finally stepped onto the premises, guided by Yedda to rendezvous with Raymund. I was pleasantly surprised by Raymund’s demeanor; despite his high-profile position, he emanated humility and approachability. Having traveled to Australia for various events, he shared insights on event organization, stressing the necessity of a systematic approach. Raymund’s memorable advice included the art of engaging the audience, likening it to a form of ‘foreplay,’ leading to an eagerly awaited ‘climax’ – the hallmark of a successful event.

Raymund’s humility shone through his willingness to be hands-on, motivating and aiding everyone rather than assuming a supervisory role. His desire for acknowledgment wasn’t about placing himself on a pedestal but instead being rewarded through hard work and dedication, showcasing a rare combination of knowledge and humility.

Our gracious hosts treated us to lunch at the ABS-CBN cafeteria, providing us with a glimpse into the inner workings of the ABS-CBN compound before embarking on a tour of the ‘It’s Showtime’ set. The live show, featuring beloved hosts like Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, and Karylle, was a delightful spectacle.

As luck would have it, our visit coincided with a Valentine’s Day special featuring the talented Morissette. The show, both on TV and live, was a comedic delight, with Vice Ganda’s humor resonating with the audience. Special segments like “Karaokids” and “EXpecially For You” showcased the hosts’ versatility, eliciting laughter and tugging at heartstrings alike.

In conclusion, our experience at ‘It’s Showtime’ was truly unforgettable, thanks to the warm hospitality extended by Mr. Raymund Romero and Ms. Yeddah Joy Maballo. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with them, confident that such partnerships will continue to yield unforgettable moments in the entertainment industry.