Introducing StarCentral Media Group’s Movers & Shakers For November 2022

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all walks of life. However, it looks as though the pandemic may have a silver lining after all, and this year, with the easing of the restrictions, it felt as if the world had finally sprung back to life. As 2022 comes to a definitive halt, there’s a whole new slate of entrepreneurs and rising stars to keep on your radar for 2023.

From entrepreneurs to rappers to beauty queens and up-and-coming models, these are all the names you need to know—of the people poised to make their big breakthrough in 2023.

Elton A. Hollis, III is the entrepreneur behind the cover of Global Millionaire magazine (September 2022 issue)

A veteran entrepreneur, Elton A. Hollis, III helps businesses succeed by utilizing his 25 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Construction field – he provides consulting, training, executive coaching, and all facets of safety management and compliance services to clients in the industrial, commercial and small business industries. In fact, he’s the co-founder of Small Business Friday! video podcast with his partner Joe Tant. It’s a podcast that helps small businesses to get their names out there at no cost. They currently stream on Spotify, Apple Podcast, TikTok, and YouTube.

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Stella Bella is the entrepreneur behind the cover of Sassy & Co magazine (November 2022 issue)

A serial entrepreneur, Stella Bella is currently a managing partner of Rice Remedy Group. She has built a career taking startups to multimillion-dollar success stories as a former director and the first female lead of SoGal Sydney. This venture firm is one of the largest global platforms for diverse entrepreneurs and investors. She was also a trained radiographer in Sydney until she decided to quit and buy a one-way ticket to Thailand. After some much-needed deep soul searching, she eventually decided to establish a factory that manufactures natural skin care and herbal supplements.

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Conz is the rapper behind the cover of InLife magazine (October 2022 issue)

Besides being a prominent rapper, Conz is also a successful entrepreneur and a straight-up Pinoy hustler. He grew up in the streets without the proper guidance of his family, but he kept pushing forward, despite his struggles, into remarkable success.

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Helena Ristevski is the rising star behind the cover of Model & Mode magazine (November 2022 issue)

Helena got into the pageantry world because her mother and her friends are beauty queens themselves, so they naturally encouraged her to enter a pageant. Eventually, she got discovered by Robbie Canner, a highly respected pageant queen in Australia and the National Director of Miss World Universal, and thus far, she has guided Helena into the ins and outs of the pageant world.

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Jojo Almazora Sebastian is the rising star behind the cover of Sassy & Co magazine (September 2022 issue)

Jojo Almazora Sebastian is a Filipino-American from Kapolei, Hawaii, based in Sydney, Australia – he’s a devoted and compassionate frontliner and nurse who works in the Operating Theatre at a busy Metropolitan Hospital in Sydney. However, on weekends, this orthopaedic nursing unit manager transforms into a charming and dashing tuxedo-attired fashionista, singer-entertainer, and master of ceremonies.

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Diana Omuoyo is the rising star behind the cover of Model & Mode magazine (October 2022 issue)

Diana Omuoyo is the reigning Ms. World Universal 2022. She’s a multicultural and multi-lingual IT professional passionate about promoting inclusion, equality, STEM, and quality education. Diana’s involvement and commitment to the community have always been a key part of her life because it gives her purpose and a sense of belonging. She stays active by supporting socio-economic causes globally, being an ambassador to change, and continuing to raise awareness on critical issues.

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Kristin, Joanna, Tariq & Gwen are the rising stars behind the cover of Global Elite Entrepreneur magazine (October 2022 issue)

Kristin Venae is an Australian actor, singer, songwriter, and model. Tariq is a fashion model with experience walking runways for local and international designers as well as charity and fundraising shows. Joanna is the current Mrs. Universe Australia official 2022, and her advocacy promotes awareness of women and children suffering domestic violence and to help create change. Gwen Barcenas struts her stuff on both the runway and the hallways of healthcare, taking care of people in style.

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Sheridan Mortlock is the beauty queen behind the cover of StarCentral magazine (October 2022 issue)

Sheridan Mortlock is a model and influencer who has worked with numerous brands such as Bec+Bridge, Sass&Bide, Alice McCall, Manning Cartell, Seafolly, and many more. After three attempts at the crown, having participated in 2019 and 2020, she was finally hailed as Miss Earth Australia 2022.

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