Meet StarCentral Media Group’s Movers & Shakers For November 2021

StarCentral Media Group’s “Movers and Shakers” recognises entrepreneurs, emerging and established talents, models, and actors who haven’t been afraid to take chances, to rethink the way they grow their brand and their business, and to embrace the challenges facing their respective industries head-on. A lot has happened in the world this year especially because of the rapid and catastrophic impact on the economy created by COVID-19. While the healthcare, transport, and warehousing world continued to experience a huge uptick, sectors like hospitality, air travel and tourism, creative arts and entertainment, and sports and recreation struggled. But through it all, there were a few entrepreneurs and individuals that managed to stay on top of people’s minds.

Let’s take a look at the movers and shakers that rocked their way in November 2021.

Jasmine Naziri is the shepreneur behind the cover of StarCentral magazine (November 2021 issue)

Jasmine Naziri has been fortunate to travel throughout her life, and a lot of this started from professional modeling. She was scouted in Los Angeles to model at the age of 14 and had the excitement and adrenaline rush of working in the modeling industry for 8 years. She recently just started FlexUp USA with her business partner which is a brand that stands for women’s strength in every aspect and focuses on empowering women all around the world.

Find out more about Jasmine via this link: Jasmine Naziri

Ganbold Tordai is the entrepreneur behind the cover of Global Millionaire magazine (November 2021 issue)

Ganbold Tordai is the inspirational serial entrepreneur behind “The Corporate Hotel” – one of the largest hotel chains in Mongolia. In 2011, Tordai acquired a Russian-owned gold mining company called Altan Dornod Mongol LLC – it was Mongolia’s largest gold exploration and mining company at the time. In 2015 he built a Shambha-La Park Town housing project, and in 2020, he built the Alpha Theater where the famous enlightener Goethe’s Faust was staged.

Find out more about Ganbold via this link: Ganbold Tordai

Kamran Karim is the entrepreneur behind the cover of Global Elite Entrepreneur magazine (November 2021 issue)

After being a crucial part of brand development and click monetization projects of several Fortune 500 companies, serial entrepreneur Kamran Karim is taking the entrepreneurial world by storm armed with his more than 13 years of professional experience in mobile app development, software development, deployment building strategic alliances, branding, product life cycle completion, digital marketing, and internet promotions.

Find out more about Kamran via this link: Kamran Karim

Abi Grigsby is the model behind the cover of InLife International (November 2021 issue)

Abi Grigsby initially kickstarted her career in the modelling industry by joining beauty pageants. She originally joined the Top Model of the World Philippines pageant back in July 2016. The following year she joined the “Mutya Ng Pilipinas Australia” (Pearl of Australia) beauty pageant. Joining this pageant enabled her to gain a lot of exposure in the modelling industry which led her into meeting the majority of the photographers that she now works with regularly.

Find out more about Abi via this link: Abi Grigsby

The Ms. World Universal 2021 winners are the queens behind the cover of GEQ Magazine (November 2021 issue)

World Universal is a unique organization that celebrates ALL women. They seek to provide a platform and events where all women are represented and supported. World Universal accepts ALL women and through the Universal Language of Love, seeks to lift up and empower these women, and together we can make a better world. To support this mission, World Universal works with multiple charities globally from helping women who have experienced domestic violence, to LGBTQ youth, to Cancer research.

Find out more about the Ms. World Universal 2021 winners via this link: Ms. World Universal

Faith Andersen is the rising star behind the cover of Global Elite Kids magazine (November 2021 issue)

Faith is a 9-year-old beauty queen and lives in Newcastle and travels to Sydney frequently – Her current title is “World Universal Runway Princess.” She’s a very outgoing young lady now who has overcome many of life’s obstacles at such a young age. Her willingness to thrive and achieve the happiest moments out of life for herself and others around her.

Find out more about Faith via this link: Faith Andersen

Andy Trieu is the man behind the cover of FilmCentral magazine (November 2021 issue)

Andy Trieu is a producer, host, and TikToker based in Sydney. Currently, he is the lead content creator and face for SW Health TikTok, generating over 8 million views with his daily COVID-19 TikTok updates. Andy is also a renowned voice in Australia’s Asian pop culture industry, working at SBS for 8 years as a founding host of SBS PopAsia’s TV, radio, podcast, and in-flight Qantas programs. He has interviewed the world’s biggest Asian pop celebrities, from K-pop group BTS to ‘Parasite’ Oscar winner Bong loon-ho.

Find out more about Andy via this link: Andy Trieu

TV1 Australia launches TV1 News

TV1 Australia is pleased to announce the launch of TV1 News! TV1 News is an independent news site, delivering entertainment news and interesting local and national stories thanks to a team of dedicated writers. TV1 News will deliver the news spanning movies, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, business, and money on a daily basis.

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