Meet StarCentral Media Group’s Movers & Shakers For February 2021

A lot has happened in the world this year especially because of the rapid and catastrophic impact on the economy created by COVID-19. While the healthcare, transport, and warehousing world continued to experience a huge uptick, sectors like hospitality, air travel and tourism, creative arts and entertainment, and sports and recreation struggled. But through it all, there were a few entrepreneurs and models that managed to stay on top of people’s minds.

Let’s take a look at the movers and shakers that rocked their way in February 2021.

Dr. DL Wallace is the entrepreneur behind the cover of Global Millionaire Magazine (February 2021 issue)

Dr. DL Wallace is the CEO and Founder of (aka Success Training Institute), which is an Education Technology that offers professionals from all walks of life the ability to learn and earn with its mobile-friendly training platform. The company offers certification courses in numerous core business competencies known as “soft skills”; which current trends show are most critical to business success.

Leadership, team building, sales, conflict resolution, and overcoming adversity are just a few of the courses designed to boost social, emotional, and workplace effectiveness. The subscription-based membership also allows professionals to earn money by referring the corporate services of Simply Success to business leaders in their respective networks. In addition, paying subscribers can activate scholarships for the less fortunate simply by completing the online certification programs. This cause-based approach to training allows each customer to contribute to the advancement of those in need.

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Ryan Evans is the entrepreneur behind the cover of MoneyCentral Magazine (February 2021 issue)

Ryan Evans is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, and family man. In the early 2010s, as his first entrepreneurial venture, Ryan founded a technology company that he grew to multiple locations, employing dozens of people. After a successful executive transition there, he was appointed as the Global Operations Director for a billion-dollar multinational corporation where his focus and passion were on strategic planning, global growth, and training. He was successful in growing that business to more than three million global affiliates before leaving to start his next venture.

In 2017, Ryan founded Elamant International and successfully launched the company in more than two dozen countries, spanning five continents, including massive action throughout Africa and Asia. Today, Elamant is stronger than ever with revenues of more than $200 million and growing.

Ryan has been featured in multiple publications as well as online resources, video channels, blogs, and forums. He has spoken in person and virtually to millions of people around the world. Ryan has been married for 17 years and is a devoted father to four amazing kids.

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Paris Raine is the model behind the cover of StarCentral Australia (February 2021 issue)

Paris is a confident, committed individual with a go-getter attitude. Her work ethic is second to none and is known for going above and beyond in everything she does. She has a burning desire to have a career in the Modelling, Film, and Television industry. She is dedicated with a willingness to learn and grow.

Paris enjoys public speaking and is passionate about assisting in the conscious shift around the world, ultimately uplifting all those whom her presence reaches, leaving them with the impression of increase. She is dedicated to learning about human potential, how the mind works, and endeavours to inspire and teach others how they too can be a deliberate creator of their life.

Paris loves travelling the world and attends as many international business and personal development courses and conferences as she possibly can. She loves networking, learning, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Paris is also obsessed with all things fashion and intends to learn more about sustainability in the Fashion Industry and ultimately promote this to the world. She loves being involved in creative projects and campaigns and is so excited about all the opportunities life has to offer.

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Madison Croft is the model behind the cover of Sassy & Co Magazine (February 2021 issue)

Madison Croft is currently 19 years old and she has been modelling and acting internationally since the young age of 14. She’s a personal trainer and owner of MadBodz Fitness – a thriving small business. She loves her job as every day she gets the blessing of helping people on their journey to improving physical and mental health. Maddie has always loved the saying “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” and she feels she has definitely achieved this! Her ultimate goal is to have a successful career in the modelling and acting industry and she always says that she will never give up on that goal.

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Paris Tonkin is the model behind the cover of Model & Mode Magazine (February 2021 issue)

Paige Tonkin is a motivated, bubbly, and caring 17-year-old model who is currently studying for her H.S.C. Paige has always been fascinated by watching the beautiful models and actors on television and has dreamed of one day making a name for herself. It was at the age of 14 when her dream was kick-started and she was scouted and taken to Las Vegas for a talent and runway show. This amazing experience made Paige completely fall in love with the industry and has made her even more determined to succeed.

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Quintin James and Jojo Sebastian are the men behind the cover of GEQ Magazine (February 2021 issue)

Quintin began his career at the age of 15 dancing in a charity performance for The Cancer Council and hasn’t looked back since then. Working in theme parks, cruise ships, musical theatre (A Chorus Line, West Side Story), tours(Kylie Minogue, Human Nature, Bardot, Scandalous), TV, and fashion he has cemented his place in both the creative arts as a performer, choreographer, and director as well being involved in the production of creative works and fashion shows both nationally and internationally.

Jojo Almazora Sebastian is a devoted and compassionate nurse in the Operating Theatre at a busy Metropolitan Hospital in Sydney. However, on weekends, this orthopaedic nurse transforms into a charming and dashing tuxedo attired singer-entertainer and master of ceremony. A veteran of the United States Military Forces, he could be seen regularly in concerts where he performs as a front act for artists both locally and internationally. He is the main staple in the Local and International Pageant in the last 17 years.

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